Renalli is a highly accomplished Filipina Abstract Expressionist Artist and Entrepreneur from Manila, Philippines. Born in 1992, she discovered her profound passion for the arts at the tender age of five, exploring the realm of creativity through the use of pens, paints, and brushes. Her unwavering dedication to the field of arts and design led her to successfully complete her studies in Multimedia Arts at the esteemed De La Salle College of St. Benilde in Manila.


Following her academic pursuits, Renalli embarked on a professional journey, securing employment and eventually establishing her Creative and Marketing agency, Artzap Studio. However, amidst her entrepreneurial endeavors, she realized an inherent yearning to immerse herself in the hands-on process of transforming her ideas into tangible artwork. Thus, she embarked on a new chapter in her career, dedicating herself to painting. Through her artwork, Renalli achieved a harmonious balance between her work and personal life and found a medium to express her profound life experiences, travels, and emotions.


Renalli’s artistic style is characterized by the intricate use of heavy textures in her acrylic paintings, which allows her to delve deeper into the realm of shadows, light, space, and form. This technique bestows a heightened perspective, enabling her to symbolize natural elements such as water, sky, sand, rocks, and other subjects that draw inspiration from her journey and worldly encounters. Despite the abstract nature of her work, viewers often find themselves resonating with the overall emotional resonance evoked by her paintings.


Renalli’s artistic talent has been recognized through numerous exhibitions in prominent cities within Metro Manila, Philippines. Additionally, she was privileged to showcase selected artworks in New York City, USA, in May 2023. Renalli’s artwork is highly sought after by private and corporate collectors who appreciate the enriching aesthetic her pieces bring to their homes and commercial spaces. Notably, she has actively participated in charitable initiatives such as the Manila Art For A Cause, wherein she generously donated three paintings for auction, with proceeds benefiting the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) during the peak of the 2020 pandemic.


Renalli stands as one of the rising stars among abstract artists in the Philippines, with ambitions that extend beyond Asia’s borders. Her unwavering determination propels her to continuously strive for greater accomplishments on a global scale with each passing year.


1st Solo Exhibit “In Perspective” at Alliance Francaise Manila


Exclusive Corporate Featured Artist at SPACES, World Plaza, BGC, Taguig City


Participated at Art For A Cause | Painting Auction and proceeds donated to PGH (Philippine General Hospital)


Group Exhibit at Resort’s World Manila


Group Exhibit at Ayala Malls Feliz


Group Exhibit at R Gallery


Solo Exhibit at Imahica Art Gallery


Art Fair at Art in the Park, Makati City via Imahica Art Gallery


Group Exhibit in New York City, USA

Feature by Art Plus Magazine, Philippines

The dividing line between abstraction and figuration is more porous than it may seem. The paintings created by emerging artist Renalli Trajano fall somewhere in between the two. Drawing inspiration from the shape, color and texture of objects, she employs recognizable motifs to point to particular themes and content. While abstraction is a language that carries metaphors, Renalli’s work is connected to imagery culled from her own surroundings.


Leaning towards Abstract Expressionism, Renalli utilizes earth tones and bright hues. The colors help to paint a clearer picture – the blueness of the sky, snowy peaks of the Alps, Manila Bay’s fiery sunset, pink florals, even Catriona Gray’s “lava gown.” Silhouettes depict the outlines of familiar forms such as a face, windmill sails, or forest trees. Though decidedly abstract, Renalli’s art does represent specific objects, people, or other subjects found in the natural world.

Renalli starts her piece with a primer and base color, which anchors the rest of the colors. She paints in a manner akin to stream of consciousness until she realizes what the subject is. She improves on it by adding layers and textures. The finishing touch is gold leaf, rose gold leaf, or pearl white paint for extra shine.


As both the Managing Director and Art Director of Artzap Studio, a design and digital marketing agency, Renalli is busy running her own business. But she still finds time to paint after hours, working through the night and sometimes missing sleep altogether. There is much that she wishes to express through her art, and she often finds herself painting at a feverish pace. While her day job entails a level of artistry, she is restricted by client expectations and demands. Thus, painting is something she can truly call her own.

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